Wind Turbines:

A series of very large wind turbines within the pipe turn the wind into electricity with a high degree of effeciency. Each pipe can contain several turbines and each collector can support several pipes.

For a power plant with a collector diameter of 4000 meters, the interior diameter of the pipes would be 175 meters and the cross-sectional area would be about 24,050 square meters. A pipe of that size could support multiple wind turbines in a variety of configurations. One possible configuration is shown below. Seven large turbines, each with a diameter of about 55 meters, can fit within a pipe of this size.

Of course, the pipes do not have to be round in cross-section. They can certainly be rectangular, as shown below. Again, seven large turbines, of about 55 meters in diameter each, can fit within a rectagular pipe with the same cross-sectional area as the round pipe.

The swept area of a wind turbine with a diameter of 55 meters is about 2375 square meters. If a 175-meter pipe has 7 wind turbines, the swept area is 16625 square meters. But if the same 175-meter pipe had 1 large wind turbine with a diameter of 173 meters, the swept area would be 23500 square meters. This represents an increase in swept area of over 40%. Since swept area is roughly proportional to power output, the output would be increased by 40% by using one large wind turbine, instead of 7 smaller ones.

The air velocity (V) or wind in the air channel depends on the total pressure difference from one end of the air channel to the other (Ptot) and on the air density (D):

Ptot = V2 * D * 3/2

The power (P) available in the wind follows the formula:

P = 0.5 . D . V3

A 15 m/s wind will generate about 1965 Watts per square meter. So, if the total swept area of the wind turbines is 25,000 square meters, the power generated will be about 49 Megawatts. A 20 m/s wind will generate about 4660 Watts per square meter. So, if the total swept area of the wind turbines is 25,000 square meters, the power generated will be about 115 Megawatts.

The larger the solar collector, the greater the air pressure difference, the greater the power produced. A larger solar collector may also be able to support more than one air channel, providing a greater total swept area and more total power produced.

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