Project Information:

News and progress concerning this technology will eventually be posted on this Project Information page.

Current Plan for the project:

Step 1:   Disseminate information about this technology and communicate with interested parties.

Step 2:   Receive feedback and critique of the technology, leading to improvements in the understanding of the system.

Step 3:   Consider alternative designs of this technology.

Step 4:   Medium-scale test project. This would consist of a collector 240 meters in diameter and one pipe 10 meters in diameter. One pressure-staged wind turbine would be installed. The goal is to determine how much wind can be generated and to prove that the concept works. Once we know how much wind can be generated, we should be able to calculate how much power can be generated from a full-size power plant.

This size for the collector and pipe were chosen to facilitate comparisons with the first Solar Chimney power plant built and operated in Spain in the 1980's. The data from that plant can be compared to the test project, providing greater insights into the technology. (Solar Chimney power plants operate on similar principles.)

If you have any questions, please visit the Questions and Answers page.

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