A Hybrid System:

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Wind From The Sun is a new technology for obtaining power from the sun and wind. This hybrid system turns the sun's light into heat, then uses that heat to create a wind within a horizontal large-diameter pipe. The wind inside the pipe is converted into electric power using a series of wind turbines.

This is not at all the same as a Solar Chimney. There is no chimney and no large greenhouse-like glass roof.

The Wind From The Sun power plant idea is not patented and is freely available for use by anyone. I have placed this technology in the public domain, so that anyone interested in developing the idea can work on it. Any interested scientists or engineers can perform experiments or set up a small scale test plant. Any interested person or company can develop a commercial version of the technology. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

  1. The Collector:   A large area of land is covered with a material with low reflectivity (dark in color). This material converts the sun's light into heat.

  2. Heating the air:   The collector increases in temperature in the sunlight, causing the air above the collector to also increase in temperature. The heated air increases in volume and decreases in pressure.

  3. Hot Air Rises:   The hot air over the collector also rises. Cooler air moves in from the land around the collector to replace the rising hot air. The collector continually heats the air. Thus, the air pressure over the collector remains lower than the air pressure over the surrounding land.

  4. Air Channel:   A very large diameter pipe (or "air channel") connects the area of low air pressure over the collector to an area of higher air pressure away from the heat of the collector. Air moves through the air channel from high pressure to low pressure, creating wind.

  5. Wind Turbines:   A series of very large, pressure-staged wind turbines within the air channel turn the wind into electricity with a high degree of effeciency. Each air channel can contain several turbines and a large collector may support more than one air channel.

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This technology is very new, untested, and unproven. The aim of the Wind From The Sun project is to prove that the technology works and to determine how much power can be derived from such a system.            

Other hybrid systems for generating power have been proven to work with free online casino games. A solar chimney power plant works on similar principles. A greenhouse-like glass or plastic roof turns the sun's light into heat (using the greenhouse effect). The hot air rises up a tall chimney. A series of wind turbines turns the wind into electric power. Wind From The Sun is based on the same basic principles, but uses black ceramic gravel (instead of the glass-roof) as a collector and large-diameter pipes or rectagular air channels, built horizontally on the ground, (instead of a tall vertical chimney) to channel the air.

Alternate Design:  to increase efficiency, place air channel so that one end is over a large body of water. The water will be much cooler than the collector and will increase the air pressure difference along the air channel.

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